Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Microsoft Support Ends for Win 98 /98SE /Me

YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! Even though there are millions of users at home and within companies still using these products every day.

Support for Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows Millennium Edition Support ends on July 11, 2006.

Microsoft will end public and technical support on July 11, 2006. This also includes security updates.

Microsoft is ending support for these products because they are outdated and can expose customers to security risks. Customers still running Windows 98 or Windows Me need to upgrade to Windows XP (recommended) or Windows Vista Beta (NOT recommended to run as still in Beta until 2007)

Both Windows 98 & Windows Millennium are at risk with a NON-PATCHABLE security vulnerability!

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-015 – Vulnerability in Windows Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution (Support Document: KB908531)

What to do until you upgrade?
Place your Windows 98 & Windows Millennium computer(s) behind a perimeter firewall which filters traffic on TCP Port 139. A properly configured firewall will block attacks attempting to exploit this vulnerability from outside of the firewall.

Today, will be the last Update Tuesday for these machines.


Blogger Ric Brennan said...

Interesting - and the end of the line not only of Win95/98, but the 16-bit code of MS-DOS as well. Kind of the end of an era, wouldn't you say?

Also - what happened to Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs, due last month? That was supposed to be the stop gap between Windows 98 and Vista - at least as far as security patches go.
-- Ric Brennan

4:40 PM  

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Blogger Ross Taylor said...

Nice article. Windows 98, Windows 98/SE are the old operating systems. Today mostly peoples are used Windows 7, XP, Wista or Windows 8 in offices, companies or at home. Windows 8 is the latest launched in the market. Windows 8 provide a better functionality. Sector Reports

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